The Phil Harrington Band ‘The Laundry Room’ (Burnt Offering)

July 2, 2010, Dublin, Ireland; Los Angeles, California.

Irish heat, Californian cool.

Maturity, intelligence, loss, disaffection….

An emotional spin-cycle, tumble of pain and eventual release….hope…some kind of serenity…somewhere new to go.

From such a heart comes ‘The Laundry Room’, the new album from LA based Phil Harrington Band…following twelve years after the release of his heartfelt solo album, VOCE.

The Laundry Room is, at first listen, the classic break-up album. Intensely personal lyrics of love and loss, pain and distance…the surreal state of post relationship, all
woven into an infectious musicality…a warm, accessible funk, with echoes of Ireland and Jamaica, the deep south and the relaxed charm that can only be LA.

Says Phil: “It was born from the devastation I felt following the collapse of my second marriage. I knew, from previous experience, that I simply had to process this stuff… had to come out through the music…the truly cathartic process. This had happened with my first album but this time around it was even more intense.”

Despite this, the songs retain a universal appeal…any damaged heart will find some comfort among this new collection of songs. Any foot, waiting to tap.

A few of the album’s highlights:

‘If I Ask’

Says Phil: “That is actually a song about somebody who has died…or who is dying inside. I don’t know where that came from as it started life as a heartbreak song and, as the band started to work on it, it moved to a curiously fictional place.”

The process of writing and recording can do that. Take a basic feeling to a different place. Again, a cathartic move.

Another song.


Phil “This is a song about a big release from a state of intense emotional pain. It’s a state you are in when you don’t know you are making a choice, When you enter a serious relationship you are buying a ticket for a roller-coaster…so don’t be surprised if it fucks up! You are the author of your situation. You made the choice…nobody else.”

Five years in the making, the album saw Phil hook up with Phil’s long term friend and producer ex-Boomtown Rat bassist and songwriter, Pete Briquette.
In short…a Californian, Irish odyssey….through the pain to reach a positive conclusion.

Phil Harrington Band. Soul music for the heavy heart! Completed with Armin Schuech, Andreas Reiff and Andreas Zachrau who make up the band.

Written by Mick Middles