Phil Harrington

Born in Cork, Ireland and brought up on the edge of Dublin, Phil Harrington’s youth emerged through a swirl of music; his father singing ‘rebel songs’ of the day, often focusing on Irish folklore. His mother, by contrast, classically trained, operatic and dramatic.

Somewhere between the two came Phil’s constant muse. By the age of eight he was sitting earnestly behind the house piano, copying the songs of the day….copying the vocals from the radio. Too young to use this musicality to connect with his own feelings, he drifted from his talent.

By the time of adulthood, Phil was schooled in medicine although his rising artistic leanings guided him towards other ventures – where he befriended Bob Geldof, before switching to ‘alternative medicine’ and in particular music therapy, which seemed to make more sense.

However, during a Dublin based workshop on personal transformation that Phil rediscovered his true calling. He now admits to being ‘in a mess’, with pain, stress, loss of love and a huge swirl of emotion welling up from within.

He knew, from that day, he had to let that pain out.

He knew he had to sing. Play music. Write. Perform

The simplicity of that answer astonished him and he began writing his debut (solo) album, VOCE, a disparate blend of contemporary style….an unlikely meeting place where ambient dance, folk, acid jazz and celtic influences would settle. The ambiance gently soothed by a production team, including Pete Briquette. It was a beginning.

The Laundry Room was completed with Armin Schuech, Andreas Reiff and Andreas Zachrau who make up the band.